• Professional headshots for print, web profiles, business cards and other promotional material
  • Multiple look changes can be achieved with personalized makeup and hairstyling with regards to wardrobe changes throughout the shoot.
  • Any necessary cosmetic touch-ups can be provided on location.
  • Shots made specifically for advertisement may be fully styled by me, taking special note to the ad’s overall goal and theme.  All services: hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling are available to advertorial and thematic editorial photo-shoots.
  • Complete hair and makeup, appropriate for high-quality print material, whether it be products commercials, companies, events, shows, and media personalities.

Promotional (non-advertisement) Lookbooks and Portfolios

  • Fully styled website material for online lookbooks
  • Retail catalogues
  • Flyers, brochures, pamphlets and other non-commercial visual display


  • Series photography for fashion and beauty – includes a full  8-hour work day, alternating hair and makeup necessary for all wardrobe changes
  • Specialized hair and makeup for high-definition photography, including themed looks with an emphasis on high-fashion aesthetic artistry.

All Other Photography

  • Personal photo shoots (i.e. anniversary, engagement)
  • Portraits
  • Makeovers; before and after
  • “Just because” (milestone, accomplishment headshot renewal, or simply making over “the new you”!)