Celebrate Love With Charming Italian Treasures

There couldn’t be a more perfect way to celebrate the language of love than with quintessential Italian treasures from Charleston’s The Hidden Countship.

Rose Gold Italian Jewelry

A peek into the window of this gorgeous boutique and museum, housed in a charming pink house and tucked away off the beaten path on Burns Lane, you’ll find yourself immediately transported to a country that’s not only adored for its delicious food, but also for its craftsmanship and detailed design in luxury goods.

peek in window - charm bracelet

Owned and curated by Donatella and Giulio della Porta of Umbria, Italy, their dream of bringing some of their heritage to the States materialized after happening upon Charleston. Amidst their travels along the East Coast, they both fell in love with Charleston’s beauty, culture, architecture, and its passion for the arts, making the Holy City a perfect place to relocate.

The epitome of a treasure trove, The Hidden Countship’s merchandise has been hand-selected by the couple and carefully imported directly from some of Italy’s most beloved cities.

cupid cameo earrings

Rose-colored pieces and their romantic nuance refers to an old style of Italian jewelry.

Rose gold cupid earrings

purple cameo glass

The jewelry found here has been crafted through antique Italian traditions by highly-skilled Italian artisans. Their pieces are all truly special and unique.

coin jewelry

The Marco Dominici collection (pieces from this collection shown above), created exclusively for The Hidden Countship, features authentic ancient Roman coins (circa 2nd century A.D.) found around Umbria and Lazio, set like gemstones in 24-carat gold, often in a c-shaped setting as a tribute to Charleston.

From the softest, most beautiful cashmere cardigans, wraps and scarves, to clothes that are understated, unique, and very European, you’ll easily find something exquisite for the chic and sophisticated fashion-minded.

cashmere wraps


Cashmere Tuscan Wrap

While exploring their array of gorgeous fabrics and fine accessories, you’ll feel delightfully overwhelmed by the assortment of fabulous, Italian pieces.

Hidden treasure troves of Charleston can often be found in the alleyways of our beautiful city, so when in town, explore. You’ll be amazed at the finds, and The Hidden Countship is no exception.

* Written for Charlestoninsideout.com in February 2015