Luminous Skin with Natura Bissé

This week, I had the pleasure of using a complete Natura Bissé regimen, complimentary of Stella Nova Flagship. For the past seven days, I’ve tested many different components from their entire line, and since I haven’t been using them for more than a week, I’m only able to provide my initial opinion regarding the products.

natura bisse stella nova

Firstly, there’s no questioning it’s world-wide cult recognition amongst skincare enthusiasts as one of the most sought-after names in beauty. I remember while living in Europe, I was curious about their almighty The Cure Sheer Cream, and forked out for a jar of what I’d describe as one of the original BB Creams, before the “BB” and “CC” cream craze went viral … it’s simply a tinted moisturizer that’s chock full of good-for-your-skin ingredients, rare botanicals, etc., however, I, unfortunately, found it to be a bit too heavy for my oily skin — even while living in a much cooler, dryer climate. This product claims to adapt to all skin types, but apparently mine was an exception to the rule. The sun protection factor of 20 was disappointing, too, given that it’s a tinted moisturizer — no need in layering various products before something like a tinted cream. Despite what people may tell you, if you’re truly wanting to ward off early signs of aging, never go below SPF 30, and don’t waste your money on anything above 50 (it’s simply false beauty marketing after 50). That, of course, was my first encounter with Natura Bissé. I do have friends who’ve used the cream and have loved it, so I’m positive it’s worth every red cent for many. Now that I’ve given that full review, since my encounter with The Cure Sheer Cream, they’ve introduced one that is oil-free, but still with an SPF of 20.

NB The Cure Sheer Cream

Past experience aside, I felt that surge of intrigue rise within me, several weeks ago, when Ginger Evans, owner of Stella Nova Flagship, offered up samples from the skincare line for a future beauty write-up. It’s been a cult brand in many countries since it’s founding in Barcelona, Spain in 1979. Oh, how I LOVE Barcelona. Anyway, if you’re a beauty junkie like me, then you certainly know the feeling of coveting a pricey product as if money wasn’t an object. There’s always that thrill when a “beauty junkie” splurges on THE product to have. The saying always rings true in one’s head, “you get what you pay for”. Well, truthfully knowing on any given product, be it high-end luxury, medical grade, or from the pharmacy, you have to use it consistently (for at least a month, sometimes longer) to really know if it’s meant for you.

Natura Bisse range

The products I tested include their oil-free Stabalizing Complex which is meant to control sebum and balance the skin through the use of a Salycilic Acid. This particular light-weight, antibacterial serum was what I’d apply after cleansing, and it’s something that you can use both morning and night, so for those of you who tend to get extra oily in the Charleston heat and humidity, this would be a great investment for you. It’s that in-between cleansing and moisturizing “treatment”.

Stabilizing Complex

Two things: consistent exfoliation — be it acidic, granule based, or procedural, along with the religious use of SPF, and you’re *almost* guaranteed to have younger looking skin while many of your peers will begin unveiling their years of catching those rays, unprotected.

Another product that I can see being a best seller is their Essential Shock Intensive Gel Cream. This is an all-skin-type product that’s meant to firm and lift the skin through amino acids of collagen and elastin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles by regenerating the skin, promoting cellular turnover. Within their Stabalizing range, I used their cleansing mask. This mask also contains 2% Salicylic acid, as well as Kaolin clay, Zea Mays and other botanical extracts. It would remove all traces of makeup, proving true to it’s claim, and left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and tightened. This was by far my favorite cleanser, as it’s more in tune to my skin type. The other cleaner tested was from their Diamond White collection, which is more of their premier line within the ranges. This cleanser was a great moisturizing treat. Whether it would work for me in the long run, I’m not entirely sure, but it had the lightest, freshest fragrance and felt truly luxe while massaging the cream cleanser onto my skin. My face looked truly radiant after each cleanse with this. I can see this also being a Natura Bissé cult favorite. I also know that this particular Diamond White range carries a mattifying SPF 50! Yes!

NB Stabalizing Cream

NB Diamond White

About that sun protection, Ginger made sure that I had plenty of their sunscreen to try. (If ever you end up on a deserted island without soap, at least let there be sunscreen! You could just splash your face with the water all around you, and you’d at least be somewhat good to go.) Back to the product, this is from their NB Ceutical, Tolerance range, and it’s their SPF 30 Daily Defense Oil-Free Fluid. Loved it! It’s very light, sinks into the skin very quickly and even gives your face a nice rosy, luminous glow. There were days that I’d head out for errands with just that SPF on. After a thorough cleanse, treat and protect regimen, my skin would literally glow. Now, last but not least, my very favorite products of the handful that I tried were their eye creams! One being the NB Ceuticals Eye Recovery Balm and the other, the Essential Shock Intense Eye & Lip Cream, “Microlifting Your Eyes and Lips”. Sounds kinda amazing, I know. I will tell you that the product was a pleasure to use each and every time – night and day, AND it contains a little sunscreen as well! Bonus! The aforementioned eye gel from the EB Ceuticals range was a truly soothing gel, and I would use that mainly at night. A little would go a very long way, so I would recommend using all of these products sparingly if you’re considering a regimen change. For their high-end pricing, you are able to use them sparingly and really get exactly what you need to do the trick. Make sure that you are realistic about your budget if considering Natura Bissé products for your skin care routine, because the key to healthy skin is a consistency, and if you can’t use the products regularly, then you won’t be maximizing their benefits.

NB Ceutical SPF 30 Daily Defense Oil-Free Fluid

Essential Shock Intense Eye and Lip Cream

Natura Bissé is a luxury brand, carrying highly-effective products that should be considered investments in your everyday skincare. Use them sparingly and enjoy the brand’s luxe textures and refreshing fragrances, while doing yourself a favor.

spa-like experience

For all ranges within the Natura Bissé skincare line, visit Stella Nova Flagship on King, and Ginger or someone from her kind and helpful staff will help you pick the products that are right for you.

Stella Nova Flagship

Thanks again for the trial, Ginger! It was a real treat and perfect timing, too! Hopefully all of this luminosity will last throughout the weeks to come!

* Written for in March 2015