Body and the Brush

Today, I’m taking a bit of a detour in the beauty arena to talk about one of my daily habits, dry brushing — because beauty and skincare products go well beyond the face.

There’s so much beauty to be had when combining the two: your body and the brush … allow me to explain.

The Body Brush

“Dry brushing” may not sound like the most luxurious ritual, but trust me, it’s extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons, and here are just four reasons to become loyal to the “dry brush” and the daily routine.

  • Dry Brushing EXFOLIATES (are you surprised?) 

Dry skin brushing removes dead skin which clears your pores, betters the skin’s appearance, and actually allows your skin to “breathe”.   In upward, half-circle motions (always toward the heart), you’ll be buffing away dead skin to renew your body’s largest organ.  With the fall season upon us, you can bet adding this routine to your morning or evening regimen will really benefit how you feel under those sweaters and coats.

  • Dry Brushing Helps to Reduce Cellulite

Dry brushing can actually help to reduce cellulite.  If cellulite is currently your worst enemy, or you fear it for the future, this practice will become a great  preventative measure and/or treatment.  Dry brushing helps melt away fat deposits beneath the skin that cause cellulite, while redistributing the fat more evenly.  The toxins in your body ultimately break down connective tissue, and with regular “dry brushing” you can reduce cellulite by removing those unwanted toxins.

  • Dry Brushing Eliminates Bloat 

Lymphatic drainage:  Your body’s lymphatic system eliminates waste at the cellular level.  The waste that is collected from your tissues is transported to your blood and then eliminated.  Various toxins and waste can make you sick, obviously, so why not help to work your lymphatic system to decongest your body, lowering your risk for disease and inflammation?!  Hello,  daily detox!!

  • Dry Brushing Increases Circulation 

Dry Brushing helps the body not only shed excess water and toxins, but it stimulates the body’s overall circulation, in turn diminishing bloat, improving the digestion process, and ultimately eliminating metabolic waste.

Dry Brushing strokes

Exactly how does one “dry brush” their skin?  The technique is simple.  You begin at the ankles and brush upward using light but firm strokes.  Alway brush toward the heart because this is the way the lymphatic system naturally flows.  After your legs, brush your stomach, shoulders and arms.  If your skin appears a little pink afterward, that’s OK!  As long as it doesn’t hurt, that’s to be expected.  If you feel like you’re scrubbing, lay off the pressure and don’t be so vigorous.  Any special skin conditions should be highly considered before brushing.  It’s important to always err on the side of caution if you have any wounds or eczema, for example.

One of the most immediate effects after dry brushing is smoother skin, and incorporating this into your everyday routine will not only maintain smoother skin, but you’ll also notice firmer skin with consistency.

You can easily pick up a brush at any drugstore or health food store.  It’s important to note that your brush is made with natural bristles (and bristles that are somewhat stiff).  I have a brush that I keep in my bathroom and one that I take with me on travel.  My favorites are:

My full-size brush

The Earth Therapeutics long handle brush.  This is my go-to for daily use.  You can find these at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Ulta, etc.  It’s handy for brushing your back and any other hard to reach areas.

Mio travel brush

This round brush is by the all-natural skincare line, Mio.  They make the perfect handy brush that comes in it’s own zip case for easy take along.  The nodules within the bristles provide an added massage feature, which is always a plus.

Mio Body Brush case

Before and After Tips: 

  • Dry brush in your shower or tub with the water off, right before you shower.
  • Drink a glass of hot water with lemon to help jumpstart your digestive system.  If you typically shower in the morning, this will be a great way to begin the day!
  • Always wash your brush and allow to air dry.  Natural bristles dry fairly quickly.
  • After brushing and your shower,  please make sure to moisturize thoroughly.  I, personally, enjoy the Mio skincare line for body, as well as the Yes to Carrots body butter — it smells heavenly and very clean (it does not smell like carrots).

Mio Skincare layout

The Mio and Mama Mio ranges include three of my favorite body products:  ‘Skin Tight’ which I usually slather all over after showering.  Why not, right?  ‘Get Waisted’ is great for your tummy and waist, because it literally works, in my opinion.  It firms and has this sensational cooling effect.  Mama Mio’s Pregnancy Boob Tube is a favorite not just during pregnancy, but well beyond.  It’s just  a great bust firmer to use all the way up to your neck.  I love using these products in conjunction with dry brushing, and I typically grab my Mio products from Charleston’s Woodhouse Day Spa.


The Yes to Carrots Body Butter is amazing.  It has that super rich, moisturizing feel without being overly greasy.   This product can be found in most drugstores and Target.  I like to moisturize with this right before bed, especially if I’m dry brushing in the evenings. It’s a great nighttime cream.

Once you begin this routine, you’ll easily be convinced by this method of detoxification and exfoliation, putting you on the fast track to radiant health and beauty, internally and externally!  The payoff is worth every penny and so much more.  After all, your skin is your largest organ — take care of it!